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Hey guys,
2015 was a trying year in many ways, from hardware problems to wrapping up work on the biggest project I've been involved in so far. It's been hard, but also educational and I'm still trying to figure out what direction I want to go in with my…

I'm sure you've all noticed that I'm working hard to improve my art and with the new year fast approaching I've been meaning to put together an inspiration map of artists and works that inspire me in the hopes to come up with more concise goals for the coming year. 

So here's how I'll break this up. I'll name the artist, explain why I like their work and feature a few of their pieces that I like. The goal is as much to feature their work as it is to serve as a personal inspiration page~

Core Inspirations:

Cushart makes the top of my list of influences at the moment for his incredible mastery of form in space as well as use of color. I hope to be able to draw anatomy as concisely and clearly as this guy at some point. I'm particularly fond of his Ironfist pieces~
IRONFIST by CushartIRONFIST_2 by CushartBLD by CushartFall off by CushartLineart-1 by Cushart

Nsio has been an influence of mine for quite some time now and though I have a few pieces heavily influenced by his style, I've never posted them. He has incredible skill when it comes to showing a living breathing character in a 3d space. I'm a huge fan of his pose practice series with his characters Sayaka and Sachito in which he manages to convey a series of events, sometimes emotional, using nothing but a sequence of loosely connected images. His tutorials also tend to go off the beaten path and are very informative. I greatly regret not being able to find the time to participate in the character design contest he organized earlier this year. He's recently been trying out comics, and I truly hope he can apply what he shows us in his pose practice pieces!

Mature Content

Nsio Pose Practice 8: Sayaka Overweight by Nsio
Nsio Pose Practice 7: Travelling Sayaka Tsuchimiya by NsioUpcoming LIVEstream: Sayaka Posepractice 7 by NsioNsio Pose Practice 6: Morisawa Sachiko 2 by Nsio

Mature Content

Defiance of the Defeated: Elsa Angelika by Nsio
Nsio explains: Constructing and Analysing by Nsio

23 *Pixiv
The way 23 draws and renders the muscles and breasts on his character completely fascinates me, along with the cute lewdness of it. I'm a huge fan of his recent work and aspire to having such an expressive character of my own someday.

Check out their work by clicking on their name^(I'll update with actual images if I figure out how to post offsite pics in stash writer!)

InstantIP's work is downright inspiring. Sexy girls that are drawn well and painted incredibly well. 

Mature Content

Katarina by InstantIP
Kitty Katarina by InstantIPSummer Time POP! by InstantIPocean knight by InstantIPWIP by InstantIPFrost Witch by InstantIP

Maniacpaint is one of the most fascinating artists to watch draw. Really fast but also precise. I had the good fortune to catch one of his streams and he went in depth, showing me a few tricks of his. Great artist, great guy, 10/10 would watch again.

Mature Content

LunaRMK by ManiacPaint

Mature Content

BOkuSteven! 2 by ManiacPaint
RR - The Dazzlings by ManiacPaintShana Ferry by ManiacPaint

Mature Content

Vampiresha by ManiacPaint

Mature Content

Space Gurl Annnm by ManiacPaint

Agawa's work is simple yet really effective. His characters look alive and squishy to boot. I'd love to be able to produce with the variety and quality of his work. He streams often if you'd like to check out his workflow!

Mature Content

Xmas 2015 by agawaR
Wanko Anego by agawaRGoat San by agawaRto Loner2000 by agawaRFanArt to lvl by agawaRto SuperNovaeHollay by agawaR

togenafushi *Pixiv *Twitter
Togenafushi, or Nanafushi, I'm not quite sure what the official name is since I don't know the first thing about Japanese, but this guy's work is stunning in my books. Lots of sexy gals but my favorite work of his is when he draws this character that hunts for bugs and wildlife, which you can see here, I'm actually really fond of that particular piece.

Once again, to view this guy's work, click their name.

Quite possibly the most well known person on my list, ZeroNis does really impressive design work on very appealing characters. 
Chainsaw Mancer 01 by ZeroNisCyborg Ninja by ZeroNisFREMY Speeddraw Fan Art by ZeroNisSkull Revolver - Deathverse pt 2 by ZeroNisGil Aldrich pt 2 Color by ZeroNisAlice - 5 Mekanizer Sketch Full by ZeroNis

deel *Pixiv *Twitter
Deel's lines, omg. Omg his inks. :V Deel's work is some of the crispest, cleanest stuff you'll ever see. And he did a redline for me a while ago and it was super appreciated. 

Click his naaaaaammmeeee (awesome art!)

Naso's work is incredible. Clean, cute, and often sexy. I really envy the way they do super thin, yet super expressive lines as well as her fantastic coloring. I only wish their DA was up to date.
Crystal Chronicles by nasoshiHM:ANB Girls by nasoshiMorrigan by nasoshi

Mature Content

Costumes by nasoshi
Estelle Bright by nasoshiEirika by nasoshi

This guy probably looks way out of place on this list. I should put in a few more concept artists whose work I love. Anyways, concept art was my first love in art and though it seems like I've moved more towards cute anime girls, I'd really like to push back towards concept art and start combining the two. ZhangX here does absolutely fantastic work with some of the coolest spaceship designs I've seen around.
20151214 by Zhangx20151216 by Zhangx20150917f by ZhangxQq#25130#2227020150819224752 by Zhangx20150324 by Zhangxsketch20150313 by Zhangx

Slugbox is a rather major influence. I adore how most of his work turns out. the way he handles line and color is incredible. No one I follow uses lines as thin as this guy to such a great effect. That and his characters tend to be really fun and expressive when he uses them in short comics!

Mature Content

Magic Fingers by Slugbox

Mature Content

R Mika by Slugbox

Mature Content

R O X I by Slugbox

Mature Content

Hot Dog Yum by Slugbox

Mature Content

A lot by Slugbox

Mature Content

Taimanin Rosalina by Slugbox

Pas is a fantastic charismatic guy. very motivating when he wants to be. He used to stream quite often, but I missed lots because of timezones. The way he draws is very interesting, the piece evolves from very rough to very clean very quickly, and the way he colors is very nice~
Happy Birthday Nozomi! 01 by paxitiAtago by paxitiSanka 2 by paxitiSuper Pochaco by paxitiEars 4 by paxitiHappy New Year! by paxiti

Once again, great guy. Freeze just finished a series of cancer fundraising streams and he's always ready to help when someone shows up with art related questions. I really admire the guy and I'm rather fond of his color choice and rendering~
The most beautiful smile by freezeexLivestream Commission: Alice by freezeexlivestream Commission: waffleleech by freezeexDon't you ever call me a COPY!!! Pratice sketch by freezeexLance Sign- Cute Phalanx -Commission- by freezeexThe artistic girl- Mimi by freezeex

I do't really know much about bamuth other than I really like his work.
Aasw8-900 by bamuthSorcerer by bamuthEgyptian girl-900 by bamuth-.- by bamuthLove Angel by bamuthDp12001200 by bamuth

Same as with bamuth, don't really know the guy. Similar work, too. Great stuff.

Mature Content

Merry Christmas :) by lokmanlam

Mature Content

HAPPY 2014!!! by lokmanlam

Mature Content

Kingdom Death-Twilight Witch by lokmanlam
Kingdom Death-Lioness by lokmanlamKingdom Death-Twilight Knight by lokmanlam

Mature Content

Kingdom Death - Forsaker Pinup by lokmanlam

Asanagi is a doujin artist whose artstyle I really like, but whose subject matter I really don't. This piece, and this one for example. But I steer clear of his doujins. just not my thing.

I don't know a whole lot about Rice other than he's part of a fairly well known artist circle, but I really like his work. Very clean and nice stuff.
Wakfu - Ecaflip's Coin by RiceGnatSanta Chloe 2014 by RiceGnat

Mature Content

Boobfox 2: The Boobening by RiceGnat
C'mon, smile! by RiceGnatPower Rangers: Ahri Force by RiceGnatAshe by RiceGnat

I first discovered softmode a while back, briefly after I'd played Dysfunctional Systems, a really nice little visual novel. His work looked truly unique to me at the time, and I'm fairly sure it still stands out a lot.
Love Live Dungeon Travelers by softmodemurakumo kai2 by softmodeEvalyn by softmodeAiromed by softmodevivian james playing star citizen by softmodeDysfunctional Systems Ep1 Illustration by softmode

Doxy's stuff sure is sexy, and his tutorials sure are helpful! Another great artist to add to this already huge list.
Figurine Concepts CC14 by mldoxyTITS 01 by mldoxySquishy Alien Girl for T.I.T.S. by mldoxy

Mature Content

Zo'Dee by mldoxy
Flutter Shuu by mldoxy

Reiq was probably the first "pin up" artist that I followed with any regularity. I remain a fan of his work, particularly his studies and gestures that he posts to facebook.

Mature Content

Jungly Girl! by reiq
Playin with toys by reiqTime Master Advanced Photoshop Magazine 123 by reiqSamus Aran Corruption updated! by reiqAlysangela by reiqBeat  Music Makes me by reiq

Another great artist with great tutorials. I actually discovered kopianget after someone linked their gallery to me after a brief discussion about huniepop.
Ashley's belt by kopiangetTia Ri Sahn by kopiangetAshley in Autumn by kopiangetGive me your heart by kopiangetBakeneko Senri by kopiangetDokura and Rani by kopianget

I got to meet quirkilicious at Montreal comiccon twice. Great guy, he's been working on his comic for some time. I managed to pick up his artbook at Comiccon Montreal this year and he explains a lot about composition in it~
Akira by QuirkiliciousDeity v6 by QuirkiliciousSora Markov by QuirkiliciousStormborn by QuirkiliciousDeath's Embrace by QuirkiliciousBebop by Quirkilicious

I started following lilaccu a while ago, a bit before she posted her vigilante of knights errant piece. I was blown away by her painting skills, and again later by her drawing skills. I've been fortunate enough to participate in her patreon study group! 
L a s t - S h o t by LilaccuVigilante of Knights Errant by LilaccuLilith (original ver)- illustration for jp TCG by LilaccuAbyssal Queen by LilaccuWelcome Home by LilaccuDragon's Blood by Lilaccu

I've been following this guy since I first joined deviantart. He used to go by Eriance. If I recall he used to do quite a bit of megaman fanart, which is possibly why I followed him. Fantastic work though, fun characters, neat anatomy breakdowns, and fantastic concept art.
Starcraft 2 - Field Manual - Protoss Illustrations by AmuscariaHomeworld Collection - Hiigaran Shimakaze by AmuscariaCommission - Vanguard V Character Sheet by AmuscariaNew Horizon - Core Hunters (WIP) by AmuscariaRed Jacket by AmuscariaNothing on TV by Amuscaria
Magister, the king of boobs. And not only boobs, but really cute anime girls. Mags does really cute work. I'm not sure how else to put it.
I-19 by MW-MagisterBeach Body by MW-MagisterMadoka by MW-MagisterShimakaze by MW-MagisterLuka Megurine by MW-MagisterDemon Queen by MW-Magister

Psu is really chill. I recommend everyone check out their stream. They (he? she? idk) do the art for the neat webcomic cassiopeia quinn! Oh, and I absolutely adore psu's linework.
Insert Fishy Situation Pun by PsuedeTeam Batgirls by PsuedeKitty Battle Cop by PsuedeCyberlete by Psuededragonborn npc portrait by PsuedeRobot Sailor Venus by Psuede

mgear *Pixiv *Twitter
Mgear's characters are some of the funnest, cutest giantess concepts. Yeah, he does Giantess stuff. and I love it! :D

toka *Pixiv *Twitter
Toka also does fantastic artwork, mostly giantess themed comics. I'm not into all the themes, but the art is always really nice to look at!

ikuya daikokudou *Pixiv    *Twitter
Ikuya Daikokudou is the creator of "A World Without Boundaries" or "Borderless World" depending on the translation. It's a really neat gender bender themed romance manga. She's also produced a large number or gender bender themed doujins over the years. I've been a huge fan of the ridiculously adorable and expressive characters in her works. Feel free to look them up, but be warned! Porn! XD

morningpanda does some ridiculously cute characters. One of the few artists I follow that draws overweight characters in such an adorable way.
Commission - Chubby-kun by MorningPandaCommission - Baigum by MorningPandaCommission - Pema Sagewhisper by MorningPandaCommission - Altis: All Parts by MorningPandaCommission - Pirate Queen by MorningPandaCommission- Treasure Hunter by MorningPanda

Jesturrr *tumblr
Putting Jesturr here half to embarrass him but half because he really is a major inspiration. This guy studies and draws with an accuracy that fascinates me to no end. A mastery of form, I can't wait to see where he goes with his art. 

If there's anyone to thank for my improvement over the past few months, it's this guy. The speed at which this guy can churn out amazing character designs blows my mind, and he's a great and encouraging artist and friend. "JUST DO IT!"
Yuno by doghateburgerDoodle 2015 - Character design compilation by doghateburgerGreen Lamp by doghateburgerDizzy by doghateburgerAngela Balzac by doghateburgerMillia by doghateburger

Akii is a fantastic artist currently studying. Her work is fantastic and constantly improving, and she's just a really nice person to boot.
Spider Gwen by AkiiRaiiCOMMISSION: Badass Blonde by AkiiRaiiAssasin girl thing by AkiiRaiiCharacter Design - Multi Terrain Traveller by AkiiRaiiLIBERTY : PREVIEW by AkiiRaiiCampfire by AkiiRaii

Sat runs a really fun little webcomic over on and her improvement over the course of her comic is downright inspiring. Plus she's really freaking nice.
Musclecoil by Satellite9Poses (recoil) by Satellite9Penelope Parker by Satellite9Mayday Parker by Satellite9Officer Squid by Satellite9Gloomy Princess Technomancer. by Satellite9

Lev is yet another friend whose quick progress and grasp of form has me in awe. I love his work, and watching him draw on picarto. *PS* LEV, FINISH MORE WORK :V
Maegan by L3V1474NDynamique by L3V1474NUravity by L3V1474NMaech-11 Redrawing (Lineart) by L3V1474NThrowaways by L3V1474N

Bogus is the first person I ever did a collab with. We never posted it. He a great guy and a fantastic artist and I'm so sad his tablet is broken you have no idea QQ.
New Canvadrsw by bogusbadge03062015 by bogusbadgeScreenshot 2014-06-20-19-12-47 by bogusbadgeSo not Inoccent lookin anymore by bogusbadgeS.I.P Dirty Money again by bogusbadgeZombie Apocalypse girls by bogusbadge

I envy Barb's ease and speed with painting. Great person, watch them on picarto! 10/10 would chat with again.
Fusion - FatexNeptunia by BarbariankCommission - Lilicia by BarbariankBlazblue - Taowindwind by BarbariankHexafusion - Balzac Angela x honda futayo by BarbariankDnd - Red dragon (remade) by BarbariankVocaloids - A star happened by Barbariank

Another friend of mine, and another of the few concept artists on this list. Skyris paints really awesome stuff. You should see the thing he's working on for our 2016 calendar. :V
Inktober 4 by SkyrisDesignAlchemist by SkyrisDesignMarket by SkyrisDesignMaster Studies by SkyrisDesignColor Compositions by SkyrisDesignTerra by SkyrisDesign

Mendi has been a supportive friend for a long time now, since before gender bender. And he's still around, and he's another really inspiring artist. He's been working on a lot of animation stuff lately. I can't want to see more of it Q.Q
The real Culprit! by mendicsSummer Get away by mendicsThe Guardians of the Yggdrasil Sapling by mendics

Aight, that took me all evening to put together.

I've shared a lot of my major influences here, and I'm sure there are more I haven't thought of. Yeah, the spectrum is very broad but I think I can put together my tastes. Lots of anime girls and lots of concept art. Maybe I should roll with that! Anyhow, I've still a very long way for me to go. A lot of study ahead of me.

I'm still focusing on anatomy and form. Perspective. Sometimes I think delving into painting and rendering a bit more might help me with form. I don't know. Hard to figure out the best way to go about things. I'm in a few study groups, and though they help, they tend to lack consistent direction. I crave a real, intensive course, but can't afford one. Guess I'll have to keep doing what I'm doing. Working my way through old drawing books, like Bridgman, Hampton, Hogarth, etc. And keep on doing studies every day. 

I'll be starting work on a potential new project, come new years. And I've also started putting together a patreon. I'll have more details on both of these things once they come around (technically my patreon is live, but I want to wait until I finish putting it together before I officially announce it).

Anyhow, I hope you guys like this inspiration map post thing.


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